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Proton Proton

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
Proton Proton, the Brooklyn-based band of sonic experimentalists on the 'melodramatic popular song' tip, are gaining steam as they head into 2007. After two EP's in 2005, the band has been playing shows and writing new music.

They had a set of songs ready to go this summer, but eventually scrapped them in favor of writing new material, which they'll be releasing in January. I guess SOMEBODY's not afraid to venture beyond a "stay the course" strategy. Maybe the White House and the Pentagon should be listening to this band...

You're listening to the song Plates off the release EP#2. Use the Galaxy Media Player above and to the right to control the playback.

They're also working on their instruments. Aron Sanchez said "Paul and I are both building ourselves new instruments. Mine is a shorter scale version of the instrument I play now with the addition of one more string and new electronics. Paul is making his version II guitar entirely out of steel from a 1960's Volvo."

The music is anthemic, cacophonius, and cathartic, in an almost feel-good sort of way. It's kind of like stepping into a particle accelerator to go for a ride, and Proton Proton is playing on the particle accelerator hi-fi during that ride. They're offering their two previous EP's on their web site right now for the ridiculously low price of $6.50 each.

Proton Proton is playing a gig with Deerhoof and Busdriver on January 26th at Irving Plaza in New York.

The track Plates is also in the current rotation on Spacelab Radio.


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