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Apostle Of Hustle

NICE HUSTLE: Apostle of Hustle New Album Details + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Today we get to add another installment to Broken Social Scene family of materials. The ever prolific band of characters that's given us great offshoots like Emily Haines and Feist now adds another installment to the Andrew Whiteman category with a new Apostle of Hustle release. It's titled National Anthem of Nowhere and will be released via Arts & Crafts on February 6th in Canada, March 6th for the U.S., and March 26th for Europe via Cityslang.

National Anthem of Nowhere is for everyone who feels that they have no voice or can’t be heard. They hear this title and something stirs inside them. Then they hear this song and they feel that they “know” it. They meet strangers in nowhere places and will never forget those meetings. They wander out into the suburban, in-between zones and there they are welcomed,” said Andrew Whiteman.

National Anthem of Nowhere was a joint production between Andrew Whiteman and Martin Kinack. They worked out of three locations: Masterkut Studio in Montreal, Andrew's bedroom, and Marty Kinack's studio outside of Toronto, called the Party.

How about some shows? There's some residencies going on for you lucky Canada people: January 24th, 31st, plus February 7th and 15th at the Rivoli in Toronto; and Saturdays at The Grad Club in Kingston for January 27th, February 3rd and 10th.

According to the Apostle of Hustle MySpace page, the new album contains "g.garica marquez, pulp nonfiction, perverts, sailors, conmen, heartbreak, minor keys, caja, supernatural forces, bobby darin, pentecostal freaks, revolutionary sentiments, ponies, jimmy scott, broken pieces of glass and bricks, cello, beats, tres, baritone guitar, duende, and not that many contemporary cultural signifiers; altho theres a fair amount of stencil and street art."

This will follow up on the Apostle of Hustle debut from 2004, titled Folkloric Feel.


 MP3 : Apostle Of Hustle


Apostle Of Hustle: National Anthem of Nowhere
01 My Sword Hand's Anger
02 National Anthem of Nowhere
03 The Naked & Alone
04 Haul Away
05 Cheap Like Sebastien
06 iRafafa!
07 Chances Are
08 A Rent Boy Goes Down
09 Fast Pony For Victor Jara
10 Justine, Beckoning
11 Jimmy Scott Is The Answer
12 NoNoNo



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