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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

CHECK THIS: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
After writing lots of new songs, playing some tour dates with Death Cab For Cutie, working on the songs again, and then hitting the studio, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists appear ready to launch their new album Living With The Living on March 20th.

The album will be released on Touch And Go Records on both vinyl and CD. It was recorded at Longview Farms Studios in Massachusetts and was produced by Brendan Canty (Fugazi)

The new album will be politically-minded like the previous release, 2004's Shake The Sheets, but it's political commentary will NOT be as over the top as the previous album. "...I think I did get backed into a corner with people expecting things. For me, that record is more didactic than I've been about a lot of things. It was actually criticized in some corners for not giving people the explicit, screamy statements they wanted at that time," Said Ted in a recent interview with Billboard.

There's now word on tour dates yet, but the band will show up at Noise Pop Music Festival on March 2nd for a gig at the Great American Music Hall. In the meantime, you can check out demo versions of some of the tracks on the album at the MP3 link below.


 MP3: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


Ted Leo: Living With The Living Track List
01 Fourth World War
02 The Sons Of Cain
03 Army Bound
04 Who Do You Love?
05 Colleen
06 A Bottle of Buckie
07 Bomb.Repeat.Bomb
08 La Costa Brava
09 Annunciation Day/Born on Christmas Day
10 The Unwanted Things
11 The Lost Brigade
12 The World Stops Turning
13 Some Beginner's Mind
14 The Toro and the Toreador
15 C.I.A.

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