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Future Of The Left

SIGNED: Future Of The Left Signs To Too Pure


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The London-based label Too Pure have signed Future of The Left to release new material in 2007. On January 29th, they'll release the Fingers Become Thumbs 7", and follow that with an appearance at London's The 100 Club on January 30th with LoneLady. A Full length album will follow later.

The single will be limited to 1000 vinyl copies but will also be made availble as a download.

The band has also announced that they're wrapping up the mixing of a full length album, due to be completed sometime in February of 2007.

In a post on their MySpace site, they said "After two weekends spent in the not-that-haunted-at-all environs of Monnow Valley studios, we have finished recording (and about half the mixing) for nine songs which should be finding their way onto the finished album. These songs are 'the lord hates a coward', 'fingers become thumbs', 'cloak the dagger', 'fuck the countryside alliance', 'adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood', 'plague of onces', 'small bones, small bodies', 'I need to know how to kill a cat' and 'kept by bees', along with the home-recording (previously available on myspace) of 'the big wide o'."

Future Of The Left came together after the Welsh bands Mclusky and Jarcrew folded. Andrew Falkous , Jack William Egglestone, and Kelson Louis Tregurtha Mathias went on too start a new band in 2005, and eventually signed with Too Pure. The Interweb whispers of

Too Pure has played home to many bands like PJ Harvey, Stereolab (then and now), and Electralane.

FOL: Fingers Become Thumbs Track List
01 Fingers Become Thumbs
02 The Lord Hates A Coward
03 The Fibre Providerk


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