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Open Circuit Festival

FatCat Records Announces Open Circuit Festival


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The wave of the future. In the 90's, there were travelling festivals like Lollapalooza, where lots of bands would get together and caravan across the country during summertime. Lots of cars, semis, gear and effort, and thus very expensive. It didn't last.

Then we saw the growing popularity of festivals that stay planted in one spot and make people come to them. Long the tactic of Austin City Limits, but also now used by the afformentioned Lollapalooza, not to mention Noise Pop, Coachella, ATP, Sasquatch, et al. It's a long list. Europe was on to this phenom long before the US.

So where do we go from here? The dedicated mini-festival. That's what the UK-based FatCat Records has been doing, and will do in February when they hit the Open Circuit Festival in a throw down with bands on their label. They get together, each band plays sets, then they all cross-pollinate in collaborations with each other.

It's happening in Hasselt, Belgium at Kunstencentrum Belgie on February 2nd and 3rd. They've got label stars Mum headling both nights, along with performances by Welcome, The Twilight Sad, Ensemble, Hauschka, and more. Check out the festival overview for a complete line up:


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