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Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

New Wilco Album Gets A Title: Sky Blue Sky


By: Spacelab Research Staff
All of the Wilcoists of the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief to hear the news about a new Wilco album. New gospel for the masses. The Church of Wilco will soon be in session!

And the new church has a name... it's Sky Blue Sky, and it's set for relase on May 15th via Nonesuch Records with the same lineup you heard on the live release Kicking Television.

There were more than 18 tracks recorded for Sky Blue Sky, there's a lot of trimming to do. Current favorites for inclusion on the album include Impossible Germany, Shake it Off, Glad it's Over, Side with the Seeds, Walken and Either Way.

Sky Blue Sky will be the first studio full length follow up to A Ghost is born in 2004. THere's a small Jeff Tweedy tour going on, but U.S. and European Wilco shows will be announced t a later date. Australia, you are the first on the globe to attend the mass:

Wilco: Tour Dates
04-16 - Brisbane - The Tivoli
04-18 - Melbourne, AUS - The Palais Theatre
04-21 - Sydney, AUS - Enmore Theatre

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