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CHECK THIS: Happy Hollows + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Calling Los Angeles "a creative dustbin, a surreal sprawl where artists grow on palm trees" on their MySpace page, Happy Hollows are springing out of LA just in time for Spring. They of course are playing very cool music while they do it.

Ranging from almost jangly indie rock to indie pop to the now immortalized MySpace tag " Melodramatic Popular Song," Happy Hollows are experimenting with fragmented genres and bring some sort of edge at the same time.

Have you ever read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell? He says you can thin slice people, situations, music, etc within a few seconds, and make a right on judgement right then and there. The more you experience the judged item, the more your first impression will prove to be true.

The thin slice on Happy Hollows has an almost anxiety edge. There's something lurking under this indie pop that hovers close to the threshold of anxiety and unpredictability.

Singer Sarah Negahdari has this breathy chanteuse cool vocal style that's vampy and arty and quirky. Bassist Charlie M. and drummer Chris Meanie provide full sounds to form the power trio, and I hear that Chris is much nicer than his last name makes him sound.

 MP3: Happy Hollows

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