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SXSW: The Festival Of The Future Goes Green, Offers MP3's & Video Via Mobile Phone


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Proving that acting a like sweaty rock god and consuming lots of alcoholic beverages can be hard work and create a lot of heat, the South By Southwest Music Festival has announced that they'll go carbon nuetral for the 2007 SXSW festival. Ladies and gentleman, we are witnessing the emergence of the green music festival.

Following on Sub Pop's lead of going green last year, South by Southwest will offset all of their carbon emissions by purchasing energy carbon credits from the Green Mountain Energy Company. They'll also recycle all the waste from the festival for use in biodiesel generators for SXSW vehicles and generators.

“While the amount of carbon emissions generated by SXSW alone is relatively small, if every business took similar steps, it would make a profound difference to our planet’s future,” said SXSW Director Roland Swenson.

They're also letting you get the goods for the festival from your mobile phone with their new site, http://sxsw.mobi. You can use your mobile phone to hook up with MP3's of festival performers, schedules, video, and podcasts. Now you can check out who want to check out before you even go the club to check them out!

SXSW has the luxury of not only being one of the first festival / conference deals of the year but also one of the biggest. It's a week of shows, discussion panels, schmoozing, new bands, schmoozing, drunkeness while trying to schmooze, etc.

Although they have yet to announce the line up for the 2007 festival, they are promising it soon.

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