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Clinic : Visitations  

Written by: Corey Tate

Clinic has created a sort of throbbing, droning underbelly of an album -- only Clinic can evoke these kinds of sounds.

There's slightly distorted but crisp vocal recordings from Ade Blackburn, steady rythym sections, droning keyboard melodies, all sounding like they're emanating from some foggy London pasture just after sundown. They can be mysterious, dark, and they channel a lot of styles simultaneously.

Clinic started out 1997 and had a relatively easy time of sliding up the scale of the public consciousness. They were endorsed by John Peel, used in Levi's ads and played shows with Radiohead. I guess that makes sense when you're cranking out albums like Walking With Thee and Internal Wrangler. Good music finds it's own path and a quick tipping point. Right now they're calling Domino Records home.

The Clinic sound is hard to make comparisons too. You can always do the obvious ones like Velvet Underground or Can, but as soon as you start to compare Clinic to one of those bands you end up describing more about how the Clinic sound is actually different from those bands than how it's similiar. Seriously, how much do these guys sound like the Velvet Underground? There's vague influences but a lot more to their sound than the Factory stylings of the Velvet Underground.

Clinic have set up their practice and are now treating the world to good music.


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