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Peter Bjorn And John

Peter Bjorn and John : Writers Block  

Written by: Corey Tate

Another band from Sweden. Man! Sweden. It's the new Brooklyn. Peter Bjorn and John continue the current Swedish Invasion with Writer's Block. And Writers Block is definitely not something the band suffers from.

They infectious single Young Folks is about as catchy as a pop song can be. Groovy and almost bohemian bongo drums come in as Peter and Viktoria Bergsman (The Concretes) go back and forth trading vocal quips "We don't care about the young folks, talking about the old style, we don't care about the old folks, talking about the old style too." The whistling and the bongos and the boy-girl vocals and the upbeat rythym combine to make one super sugary but deep pop song. You can hear the song once and have it stuck in your head all day. The depth of the song will let you listen again and again without tiring of it.

Coming out one of the hipper parts of Stockholm called Hornstull, the band hosts their own parties and writes and records their music right in the thick of the Hornstull artist culture at Bjorn's studio.

Amsterdam is another pop goodie with depth. The melodies on these songs are so good that these guys might have made a deal with the devil. Or maybe they just worked on them for a long time.

Start to Melt has got the ghost of the Jesus and Mary Chain in it with its distorted and reverbed guitars, and a sort of lurching but driving rythym section. The vocals are a little bit distorted, just to provide some texture as the sound floats out of the speaker. The comparison is a bit of a stretch, but I can't help but be reminded of of JMC's more pop-leaning moments like the song Almost Gold, which is kind of funny considering the band's label's name is Almost Gold Recordings.

These guys are highly creative and know how to experiment to the extreme edges in the pop format, which is kind of an interesting arc to travel along if you think about it. Pop music can be restricting for a lot of bands as they get bound to convention, but Peter Bjorn and John push things outside of convention.


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