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Vaughan Oliver

4AD Artist Vaughan Oliver Gets Gallery Showing At Stanley Picker Gallery


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Vaughan Oliver, the artist behind some of the best album covers of the 90's, is currently showing his work at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston. He did album artwork for the 4AD label that bordered on otherworldly, showing how imagery and music can become one experience when packaged correctly.

"In the age of the download the visual aspect of presenting music would seem to be less important than it was. The exhibition reminds us of the special relationship between a carefully considered graphic design and its musical partner. In the same way that a successful package for the music can enhance the listener¹s appreciation of the music then a good poster can be an exciting gateway to the listening experience," said Vaughan in a statement for the gallery.

The show runs through March 3rd, or you can get a small sample at the Stanley Picker Gallery web site.


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