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Get Your Elliot Smith On With Rarities Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Lookin' back through the back catalogue, Kill Rock Stars found a number of Elliot Smith tracks that had not been released before the singer/songwriter's untimely death. Naturally, the first thought was to get the music to the people... Under the right conditions, of course.

The compilation will feature songs from a prolific time in Elliot Smith's career. Most were written from 1995-1997, and will be compiled in a double CD or vinyl titled New Moon, available on May 8th. The songs were mixed by Larry Crane, the archivist for the estate of Elliot Smith, so you can be sure this has the full blessing of the people Elliot left behind.

Larry Crane recently said the following in Tape Op magazine about the ethics of working with the back catalogue of other people's music, "One song which consisted of double tracked vocals and an acoustic guitar, I found that the guitar track had a prominent scraping flange sound all through it—see "last hour" on Elliott's Basement On The Hill album which is on the same reel—I tried mixing it and was unhappy with the flange noise, and then I remembered that I'd found a take of the same song on another reel, yet with no vocals. So I flew the tracks together, matching the instrumental take with the acoustic guitar track where the vocals were instead of just flying the vocals on top of the other take in order to keep the vocal phrasing dead on."

"Over eight hours later I had something that worked pretty good. Thankfully he had used the same arrangement and key. The tempo is just a little off, so I used a time compression program to get it closer. So I made it work but was it okay to do this? We made sure that the liner notes were clear on what had been done to this track and noted that the rest of the album wasn't created this way."

Kill Rock Stars handles the U.S. release, while Domino Records will take care of Europe.

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