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CHECK THIS: Roomate + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Kent Lambert, it turns out, has a lot of friends. He plays with a lot of them through his musical vehicle called Roomate. 17 in the full live setting. Kent writes the songs that make the whole world sing, and the other members work with him on the orchestrating and recording of the songs.

After some recording action in his Brooklyn pad in 2001, he moved on to Chicago to form the live component of the band and work on the songs that would form the EP Celebs and the full length Songs the Animals Taught Us, released in 2006. They sound kind of like Animal Collective mixed with the Flaming Lips mixed with Sebadoh's bedroom tape experiments.

Now he's releasing New Steam as an EP on February 27th titled New Steam through Plug Research. It will be a download-only album, food for iPod, music for thought. The music fully expands on any past notions of Roomate, it's a fuller, richer context and broader base of sound.

Roomate will play the South By Southwest Music Festival on March 17th.

 MP3: Roomate


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