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Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth To Play Daydream Nation Live In Its Entirety


By: Spacelab Research Staff
That's right, I said it. Sonic Youth will their landmark album Daydream Nation at All Tomorrow's Parties Don't Look Back festival. The complete 'lost weekend' album in full. This will also play nicely into the next double album ressue that Sonic Youth has been doing with many older albums, and the next one is you guessed it: Daydream Nation.

"When I first heard Daydream Nation - I thought 'what is this music...?' It was raw, abrasive and reminded me of the Stooges and the Velvets. But nothing else sounded quite like it and it quickly took over to become one of my favourite records ever," said Barry Hogan, a Don't Look Back organizer.

There's no word on if Mike Watt will be there to perform his part on Providence. Let's start a rumor! Mike Watt at ATP with Sonic Youth for Don't Look Back 2007! You heard it first on Spacelab!

It'll happen on August 31st and September 1st at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. There was originally only one date, but but after it sold out in two days a second day was added.

Sonic Youth : Daydream Nation Track List:
01 Teen Age Riot
02 Silver Rocket
03 The Sprawl
04 Cross the Breeze
05 Eric's Trip
06 Total Trash
07 Hey Joni
08 Providence
09 Candle
10 Rain King
11 Kissability
12 Trilogy
12a) The Wonder
12b) Hyperstation
12c) Eliminator Jr.

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