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Alias To Release Collected Remixes + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Alias (aka Brendon Whitney) will release a new set of musical perceptions on May 15th with Collected Remixes, an album that sees Alias remixing the work of the likes of The One AM Radio, John Vanderslice, and his other gig, Alias and Tarsier.

It's being released by San Francisco's Anticon Records. This will have to last for Alias fans as he spends the rest of 2007 splitting time between an upcoming tour and working on a new solo album.

 MP3: Alias


Alias: Collected Remixes Track List
01 What You Gave Away - The One AM Radio
02 Into The Trees - 13 And God
03 Exodus Damage - John Vanderslice
04 Marsh Of Epidemics - Christ.
05 Alienation - Lali Puna
06 Clue - Lunz
07 Stay Awake - Boy in Static
08 Crush - Lucky Pierre
09 Given Ground - Giardini Di Miro
10 Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks - Sixtoo
11 9:24 Cigarette (Version 2) - Alias And Tarsier

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