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Kieran Hebden

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid Get Ready With New Album Tongues


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The dynamic duo of Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid are continuing on their exploration of intersection of live drums and electronic sounds... this time around, on the upcoming release Tongues. It features the two as a more mature live experience, since they spent most of 2006 releasing The Exchange Sessions and playing lots of shows. Tongues comes out on March 19th via Domino Records.

“We’ve been playing all kinds of mad different shows, from drum’n’bass nights in Italy to the Green Man festival in Brecon, so the crowds have been really unpredictable. You get old jazz heads coming out to see Steve and dance kids too,” said Kieran when speaking about the live experience.

When they went into the studio to record the music for Tongues, they had 'departure points' in mind -- places to hatch an idea from. That's the extent of the preplanning they did. What they rolled into was a bunch of spontaneous songs created on the spot, true improvisation, on the first take. What's on Tongues are those first takes.

In 2006 they released The Exchange Session Volumes 1 and 2, to critical acclaim. Kieran said that the collaboration allows him to more freely explore improvisation instead of working in the controlled environment of computerized beats. This time around, the music on Tongues promises to be fuller and more dynamic, as a result of the two playing together for a while now. In other words, Exchange Sessions Volume three this is NOT.

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