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Twilight Sad

The Unbelievable Momentum Of The Twilight Sad + STREAM


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Some bands have momentum. I don't mean the momentum that happens when a band has it goin on, like they're unstoppable (see Bloc Party at any point in 2004 and 2005 for an example). I mean music that has velocity, the kind of awesome gravity and power that if you get in its path it will knock you flat back against the wall. The Twilight Sad have that kind of momentum.

Singer James Graham leads the sound with the kind of vocals you wouldn't expect from a band with that kind of sound. Back in the nineties this kind of music might have been fronted by some angsty, detached wailing type of growls. Our boy James is deft with type of vocals that could easily find a home alongside some peaceful indie pop. The fact that it's paired alongside a wall of sound kind noise makes it all the more interesting.

They're releasing their new album Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters on April 24th. This will be their debut full length album for FatCat Records. It was recorded in Glasgow at Chem 19 and Ca Va Studios and produced with Peter Katis later at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut.

FatCat signed the band on the strength of some demos the band had given the label. The original 4 songs were recorded and produced by the band in a full studio, but when FatCat asked for more songs the band took a 90 degree turn and decided to start recording anywhere, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and their rehearsal space.

Check em out on tour at South By Southwest or various spots on the US tour... they'll be playing shows with Mary Timony and Aerogramme.

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