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Bum Rush The Charts

Bum Rush The Charts: Talkin' Bout' A Social Revolution


By: Spacelab Research Staff
This is juicy. The podcasting community has seen fit to show the world what fine, upstanding, upstarts they are by creating a one-day throwdown to show big media what the power of podcasting and web 2.0 concepts are capable of.

They've chosen a band, and a day, for everyone to Bum Rush The Charts. The idea is to show an internet tidal wave can have a serious impact on lifting the awareness of a band (and sales), as opposed to the established distribution channels that big media companies use to hammer bands at us.

The band is Black Lab, the day is March 22nd, the song is Mine Again, and the back story is that the LA-based band was dropped by both Sony/Epic and Geffen. After fighting to get the rights to their music back, the band is now offering it for sale at iTunes. So you can go there on March 22nd and buy the afforementioned song to prop it up on the iTunes chart and show the world the new paradigm.

DON'T BUY IT TODAY, Internet skimming readers. Read carefully. March 22nd is the day to be part of the new media throw down and show how grass roots movements on the web are only beginning to flex their muscle.

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