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Hardly Art

Sub Pop Peeps Start New Label Called Hardly Art


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Indie empires. The buzzword(s) of tomorrow, here today. Jonathan Poneman, co-founder of Seattle's Sub Pop Records, has decided that the crazy current climate of the music industry is the right time to start a new label called Hardly Art.

A little competitiveness with Secretly Canadian, perhaps? We'll have to see. Competition is good, the politicians on Capitol Hill tell us, except for when you're talking about changing our two-party democracy to something else besides a two party system. That's fodder for another article perhaps (and maybe a different publication?), because right now I'm straying of course. This is about those Sub Pop peeps.

So Jonathan Poneman, with Sarah Moody the Sub Pop New Media publicist in tow, has decided to start a new label called Hardly Art. Under the tagline of "quality records for quality people since very recently" they've launched the label with one whole band... Arthur & Yu. The label will try to focus on smaller bands and make a bridge between the complete underground and the emerging indie middle ground. The label will be small, focused, and able to turn on a dime. Well, maybe a quarter, but sharply, you know? Sharply.

They'll release the first album from Arthur & Yu, on June 19th, 2007. It will be called In Camera. And then... as the old Sub Pop rallying cry goes -- on to world domination.

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