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Sub Pop, Dangerbird, And New Line Work with Snocap To Sell Music Online


By: Spacelab Research Staff
It's hard keeping with all of this news in the music world these days. You've got copyright battles, digital rights management battles, online store competition. The online store thing just became one part more interesting with the news that Snocap's MyStore project just added three more music labels.

Sub Pop, Dangerbird, and New Line all get added to the fold, through the joint connection of ADA, also known as the Alternative Distribution Alliance. I'll resist the temptation to insert feel good quotes from the press release, as you might already know what this means... A more direct channel between the band and the consumer, even if a label is still involved. Easy access.

Snocap's MyStore works with sites like MySpace to allow bands and labels to embed links on any web site to let a viewer quickly link to an online store to buy the music. Think of it this way... you're on MySpace, checking out a band you like, and you decide you'd like to but the track or album for download. Click on a link, and boom! You can buy the track right at the moment you decided you liked it.

Bringing labels like Sub Pop and Dangerbird into the fold will bring that elusive indie cred to Snocap, perhaps paving the way for others in the underground to jump onboard and enter the new paradigm we find ourselves entering more and more every day. Distribution of music is changing, and the innovative and determined players are increasingly being rewarded at a steady pace. Those failing to innovate, or those stuck with both feet still firmly planted in the last century, are losing ground.

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