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LA's Spaceland Launches Indie Label


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The group that oversees LA Spaceland have announced that they'll launch a new independent label with marketing company CyKiK, called Spaceland Recordings. Everybody else seems to be setting up indie empires these days (and another), so why not one more?

They'll release live shows played at their own clubs Spaceland and The Echo for online consumption soon after the live gigs. Spaceland will split the monies with artists 50/50, even steven. They also have plans to roll out the releases on CD's in the future.

So far, they've released gigs from bands like Darker My Love, Asobi Seksu, Irving and Sean Na Na, among a bunch of others. The idea is to release music of bands with future potential today, so it can be looked back at when the bands reach a bigger level, or see who's up and coming. The club has seen the likes of Elliot Smith and Beck play a bunch of shows in the past, before moving on to greener pastures.

"The cool thing about them is that Spaceland is a famous club, and the club bands want to play when they come to Los Angeles. Bands know it as the place Beck used to play or where Weezer does secret shows. So Spaceland is putting a soundtrack to its legacy," said Jeff Castelaz of Dangerbird Records when speaking to Billboard. Dangerbird Records is an LA-based label that plays home to Darker My Love.

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