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Polyphonic Spree

SIGNED: Polyphonic Spree Get with TVT


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Do you remember the Polyphonic Spree? Of course you do... a couple of years ago they were everywhere, riding the new wave of indie bands that were out there. They were unclassifiable, unconventional, and interesting. They were like some southern California religious cult from the early 1970's singing indie rock in the modern world. And there were lots of them. And they had robes.

Now it's 2007, and songs about having a day in the sun and sunny California idealism have passed into songs about 2007 realism (with still some idealism) and black military philosophies. The new reality. They still have a lot of the same sound though, but it's evolved. It's the evolution revolution. Any references to Trevor Goodchild in the form of quotes or slogans are purely coincedental.

So they've made a new album titled The Fragile Army, and it will be coming out on TVT Records in June at a time and date unspecified in the press release. To go along with the military thing, maybe it's classified. It was produced Co-produced by John Congleton and PS band members Tim Delaughter and Julie Doyle. They hit spots like Steve Albini's Electric Audio Studios in Chicago and Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota to do some of the recording.

"For our last record, we'd been on the road so long that songs had been developed there and were pretty much fully arranged by the time of recording. But this is a very spontaneous album. We'd been off the road for a while, and all the players collaborated on the spot in the studio, learning one song at a time and then collaborating on ideas and parts," said Tim DeLaughter when speaking about the album.

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