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Bum Rush The Charts: Success Depends On Who You Hear It From

Bum Rush The Charts: Success Depends On Who You Hear It From


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The Bum Rush The Charts campaign happened on Thursday March 22nd, and depending who you hear it from, it was either a success or a failure.

The campaign attempted to seize on the Web 2.0 phenomenon by herding interweb peeps to the iTunes music store on a specific day to buy a specific track of music, hopefully driving it to number one on the charts. Ambitious indeed.

The track never made it number one, but it did go as high as 99 on the US Overall chart and 11 on the US Rock chart. In other countries it broke the top 10.

One interesting facet of this is the global impact. People picked up on this from around the world. You can't buy this kind impact with publicity! The big labels try all the time and even with sometimes dubious practices (other times straight up) and find that they just can't compel people to buy music.

Another interesting fact: the Bum Rush The Charts peeps claim that this was the only unsigned band on the charts at this time.

The campaign was organized by a group of 7 podcasters / bloggers under the name Bum Rush The Charts. The idea was to show an internet tidal wave can have a serious impact on lifting the awareness of a band (and sales), as opposed to the established distribution channels that big media companies use to hammer bands at us.

They chose the band Black Lab and the song Mine Again, because the LA-based band was dropped by both Sony/Epic and Geffen. After fighting to get the rights to their music back, the band offered it for sale on iTunes.

There's also some speculation and discussion around whether this is just a marketing ploy in disguise, but no facts have surfaced yet to support that.

So if you're a pessimist, then it failed. If you're an optimist, it was great!

Here's how it topped out as of March 24th:

iTunes Rock Charts
US: 11
Canada: 10
Netherlands: 2
Germany: 12
Sweden: 7
Portugal: 31
UK: 71
Australia: 35
Austria: 35
Denmark: 40
Finland: 42
Ireland: 54
Italy: 30
New Zealand: 56
Norway: 23
Switzerland: 42

iTunes Overall Top 100 Songs Chart
Netherlands: 15
Norway: 55
Canada: 53
US: 99
Sweden: 98


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