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Some Assembly Required Launches On Spacelab Radio


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Spacelab Radio is excited to add the internationally syndicated radio show Some Assembly Required to its broadcast, starting this week. The show is dedicated to the experimental sound collage movement, a movement often attributed to bands like Negativland, but has grown into a full on phenomenon of its own. Other bands include the Tape-beatles, Wayne Butane, and Lecture On Nothing.

Started by Jon Nelson in 1999, Some Assembly Required features "tape-maniplations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." That is, the music is appropriated and reformulated, making it something wholly new in its composition.

Jon started immersing himself in the scene in the late 90's and made connections with other sound collage artists. Before long, they were trading sounds through the Internet and Post Office, and Jon started to build a library. From there, he started the radio show on Radio K in Minneapolis.

Many things drive this movement, largely centered around creativity. When asked what they were, Jon said "There are lots of different factors... people point to hip hop and punk a lot, citing the same originating factors... you know, bored kids with few means, being creative with what they have at their disposal. In punk and hip hop's case it was records and cheap guitars. With sample based music it's records and
cheap samplers, I guess. That might be how a lot of this gets started, but it would be a mistake to leave it at that."

The show will air at 5:00 PM central time on Spacelab Radio (click here to check the schedule for your time zone), and will also be made available on-demand in the Galaxy Media Player.


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