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Les Savy Fav

You Can Sing On The New Les Savy Fav Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff
I'm not Tim Harrington, I just play him on the new Les Savy Fav record. Picture yourself saying this to all your peeps when you land a spot singing a vocal bit on the upcoming Les Savy Fav release.

With a scheme called "Say what we say and don't get paid," why would you NOT want to be a part of it? Les Savy Fav want you to be part of their new album, for free, but hey, you get to be part of the cause! The band wants you to call into a phone number to sing vocals for any one of three songs, Nine Teen Ninety Nine, The World, or Resent The Rent. If you make the cut, you could have that land on one of those tracks.

Dial 718.228.8954 to record your demo, or better yet, visit the Les Savy Fav site to check it out yourself.


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