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SoundExchange Reaches Out To Web Radio Groups


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In the latest turn of events in the ongoing saga of webcasting, SoundExchange has called for a sit down, a dialogue, a discussion between the SoundExchange/RIAA side of the debate and the rest of the webcasting community.

In a press release released on April 19th, SoundExchange said it is in discussions with some webcasting services, but failed to say who they are. SoundExchange says they want to negotiate their stance to find a middle ground that can work for both sides of the issue. They have not publicly declared any stance on what their new perspective might be.

"Our continued outreach reflects our long- standing position that these are two businesses -- webcasting and creating music -- that are joined at the hip and that need each other," said John Simson, Executive Director of SoundExchange.

There have been no official statements from SaveNetRadio, the Digital Media Association, or any other groups on the webcasting side.

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