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Sebadoh Will Reissue Weed Forrestin, Planets Will Then Align


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Sebadoh is the gift that keeps on giving, Clark. Domino Records too, as they've just announced a reissue of Sebadoh's The Freed Man, the holiest of holies. They've repackaged the album into an expanded version of 52 songs... one for every week of the year, and it includes never released before material. Are you freaking out yet? You should be!

Man. This was one of the classic examples of the power of the bedroom studio recordings. Completely lo-fi, almost bad studio techniques, that completely made up for it on the creative side. They created soundscapes for lost weekends that transformed your sense of time and place to one devoid of any definition of locale, i.e. the musical out of body experience. It was the acoustic building ground for Sebadoh's later songwriting -- merging sounds and music and parts of movies and vocal experiments into a sonic mashup that blew my mind.

I found my way to it by backtracking after initially getting into Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock and Bubble and Scrape and then backtracking to the Freed Weed, a combination of The Freed Man and Weed Forrestin'. The songs on Weed Forrestin' were the perfect low intensity acoustic counterpart to the bombasity of the other albums.

The Freed Man will be released on July 10th.

Sebadoh: The Freed Man Track List:
01 Healthy Sick
02 Level Anything
03 Soulmate
04 Ladybugs
05 Close Enough
06 True Hardcore
07 Julienne
08 Wrists Sebadoh
09 Amherst Hanging House
10 McKinley's Lament
11 Solid Brown
12 Narrow Stories
13 Bridge Was You
14 Drifts on Thru
15 Overturns
16 Yellow Submarine
17 Squirrel Freedom Overdrive
18 Little Man
19 Land Of The Lords
20 Bolder Sebadoh
21 Believe
22 Deny
23 Wall Of Doubt
24 Crumbs Sebadoh
25 I Love Me
26 K-Sensa-My
27 Lou Rap
28 Punch In The Nose
29 Resistance to Flo
30 Stop The Wheel
31 Loose n Screw
32 Oak Street Raga
33 Last Day of School
34 Jealous Evil
35 Moldy Bread
36 Made Real
37 Cindy
38 Nest
39 My Decision
40 Fire Of July
41 Jaundice
42 Design
43 Dance
44 Cyster
45 Powerbroker
46 The Lorax
47 Pig
48 Hung Up
49 Slow To Learn
50 Elements
51 Attention
52 Your Long Journey


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