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Forro In The Dark

David Byrne, Miho Hatori, and Bebel Gilberto Play with Forro In The Dark + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Playing on his new title as Mr. Internationalist, David Byrne is makes an appearance on the new album by the New York-Brazilian band Forro In The Dark. The album is titled Bonfires of São João and also features an appearance by Miho Hatori of Cib Mato and Bebel Gilberto. Seriously, more ethnic backgrounds are covered here than you can shake a stick at!

Get global when the single for the Asa Branca comes out in vinyl in May on Nublu Records. In the meantime check out the MP3 of Mr. Internationalist David Byrne and Forro In The Dark:

 MP3: David Byrne and Forro In The Dark

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