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Marrisa Nadler

Kemado Records Signs Another Gem: Marissa Nadler


By: Christy Mannering
Enthralling, enchanting and engaging, visually they have a lot in common. But there is more to those three words than meets the eye; they also describe Marissa Nadler’s music. No wonder Kemado Records is psyched to have signed her to their US-based label. The powerhouse label isn’t wasting any time. Her contract is signed; the latest album has a release date set for August 7, 2007 and concert events are in the works. We’ll be seeing Nadler on tour in the US later this summer. Although tour dates have not been set, we do know she plans to be in New York in November.

Newly signed to Kemado doesn’t mean that Marisa Nadler is any stranger to the record world. She has been signed in the UK by Peacefrog records since 2004. Now that interests have piqued on an international level, this small town girl originally from Massachusetts is thrilled to have the chance to share her music with her home country.

With a voice that captivates and an acoustic pluck unmatched, she’s sure to provide a show you will not want to miss. The previously mentioned album releasing this summer, Songs III: Birds on the Water, is filled with the same folk pop songs as in her previous records and could be compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom or Espers. So take note and remain informed, because Marissa Nadler is a sensation in the making.

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