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Telepathe: On Tour with new 12” Record


By: Christy Mannering
Releasing a 12” vinyl and touring with !!! might sound too good to be true but it’s not. Brooklyn born, Telepathe is releasing Sinister Militia in 12” format on June 19th complete with two new tracks via The Social Registry and they're currently touring with !!!.

Telepathe’s new tracks will be “Sinister Militia” and “Islands” and each will have dance floor worthy remix versions as well. One of those remixes will be by Tyler Pope of !!! while the other is done by Drew Daniel of Matmos. Extra mixes aren’t the only thing this record will have, because Telepathe’s electronic and brilliant percussion belts out full force. They have embraced a stronger hold on their trip hop club niche since further developing the sound we heard on their EP Farewell Forest from last year.

Producing a sound that is distinctly their own Telepathe know how to pick up the fan base and get people talking. They bring in big name producers like Timbaland, Diplo and Spank Rock to contribute to their edgy flare. Call it experimental if you want, the reality is their music has spirit that goes beyond our five senses, communicating with you in an energetic, telepathic way.

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