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The Return of Cornershop


By: Spacelab Research Staff
A day long overdue, indeed. Cornershop is making the passage back into the conscious world as frontman Tjinder Singh is currently working on two albums of punjabi-influenced indie rock-electronic sounds. The perfect marriage of eastern and western sounds.

There's a full-length album, stated on the Cornershop web site as 10 songs, intended to be the follow up to 2002's smashing success Handcream For A Generation. Apparently there's still lots of work to do, as the definitive description is "as varied as united planets can be."

The second album is a follow-up to 2004's Topknot / Natch single released by and Ben Ayres. The work featured Bubbley Kaur, who's in on the new joint as well.

All of this has been happening in locations like Paris, London and Preston Lancs, because you can never really soak up the scene in too many international cities.

And Cornershop will also hit the Meltdown Festival in in June, because curator Jarvis Cocker has invited them to play. The line up will feature Tjinder Singh, Ben Ayres, Pete Downing, James Milne, Adam Blake, Peter Bengry, Nick Simms.

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