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Dungen's Got A Brand New Bag


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Dungen is back with a new album ready for release on May15th on Kemado Records. The music is an amazing mix of indie rock and 60’s psychedelia titled Tio Bitar.

The band is caught in a time warp between the psychedelic sixties and the indie rock two thousands... They move seamlessly betweeen indie rock and being an almost psychedelic JAM band - using feedback as instrument and harmonizing the keyboard with the feedback coming from the guitar amp - that you would swear they are hippies posing as indie rock heroes posing as hippies.

"[The album is] shorter and more 'song-based' to some extent. But not as a commercial move, I assure you. Maybe it´s a bit more anarchic at times, almost in some kind of decadent and ridiculous way. Some songs were just shaped from various weird, exhausted moments, often late at night, a little dozed on wine or beer," guitarist Reine Fiske recently told Billboard.

Dungen returned to lead singer Gustav Ejstes' mothers farm in Smaland to record the new album.

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