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MySpace Launches Operation Take Down Stay Down


By: Spacelab Research Staff
As copyright issues that get played out in front of us everyday on the web, the battle to keep control over copyrighted works is an evolving story with no end. MySpace has joined the endless stream with their new Take Down Stay Down feature. It sounds like a military operation doesn't it? Operation Take Down Stay Down... those copyright pirate terrorists are in the last throes of their insurgency...

It's a strange bit of irony that MySpace is owned by the infamous NewsCorp that is also responsible for FOXNews, the same people who gave us news initiatives closely linked to White House policies. It sounds like naming crossover.

That being said, the Take Down Stay Down feature is designed to keep a digital fingerprint of videos when they are uploaded to MySpace, so that they can be identified when they're uploaded again.

Take Down Stay Down is centered around the Audible Magic technology. When a copyright owner asks MySpace to remove a video, the site captures the digital fingerprint of the media to catch it at the point of upload the next time around. Copyright owners are responsible for policing their own media on the site, but once they let MySpace know about it, the filtering technology of Take Down Stay Down works overtime to keep it from happening again.

This is the biggest attempt by MySpace so far to manage the digital rights management arena, and with good reason. Lawsuits are flying as major copyright holders with major money try to define what's fair use and what's just blatant coasting on others work.

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