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VHS Or Beta

VHS or Beta Album Details Announced For Bring On The Comets


By: Spacelab Research Staff
VHS or Beta are back and they've made the choice for you already: skip the whole videotape format war and go buy their album instead. You'll get your chance on August 28th when they release Bring On The Comets via Astralwerks.

Bring On The Comets will supposedly bring a pop angle and expanded vision for the already pop-friendly band. Their first single, Can't believe A Single Word, shows the new horizon of their music, with sweeping piano riffs and big vocals. No official date is set yet, but the band reveals on their MySpace page that a single will be released in June or July, which is likely to be Can't Believe A Single Word.

Drawing comparisons that range from the french electronic/funk pioneers Daft Punk to indie faves like Sonic Youth or Arab on Radar, VHS or Beta have always been prone to making up their own rules of the game. The current incarnation of Craig Pfunder, Mark Palgy, and Mark Guidry are developing those rules further into an evolution of the band's sound.

"We approached things by removing any previous limitations we'd set upon ourselves. For instance, Mark Guidry is now on both real and electronic drums. We also wanted to achieve a sort of minimalism we hadn't considered before. Not to say the record is minimal, but rather we focused on the songs first and labored to make big songs that have memorable melodies. That was a key focus," said singer Craig Funder when speaking about the band's new outlook.

To get the hype machine rolling, they'll release a Burn It All Down 12" of club mixes before the album comes out and will do a number of select appearances in the new DJ mecca known as the American midwest to support the release. And the east and west coast thought they had it goin' on!

More tour dates will eventually follow when Bring On The Comets is released in August, not as DJ dates but as true to form VHS or Beta gigs. Tour dates will be announced later, but I'm sure the VCR's will be left at home for this one:

VHS Or Beta: Bring On The Comets Track List
01 Euglama
02 Love In My Pocket
03 She Says
04 Can’t Believe A Single Word
05 Burn It All Down
06 Take It Or Leave It
07 Alpha Theta
08 Bring On The Comets
09 Fall Down Lightly
10 We Could Be One
11 Time Stands Still
12 The Stars Where We Came From

Burn It All Down Tour Dates
05-20 - Toronto - The Guvernment & Kool Haus
05-25 - Los Angeles, CA - Avalon
05-26 - Dallas, TX - Lizard Lounge
06-06 - New York, NY - Don Hill's
06-07 - New York, NY - Hiro
06-15 - Columbia, SC - Club Fusion
06-16 - Washington, DC - Rock n Roll Hotel
06-29 - Jacksonville, FL - The Pearl
07-12 - Murfreesboro, TN - Sweetwater
07-13 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
07-14 - Knoxville, TN - Blue Cats
07-15 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone Cafe


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