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Amazon.com Makes Bold DRM-free Move


By: Christy Mannering
Since opening as an online store in 1995, Amazon.com has grown into an online shopping environment with the biggest selection online. In September of 2006, they took another giant leap into the online experience and added the Unbox Video download service. Then, in February of 2007 they joined forces with TiVo so customers could store their Unbox video downloads on their TiVo device.

Now Amazon has announced a Digital Rights Management (DRM) Free MP3 Music Download Store. Moving forward without DRM means that digital purchases from Amazon will be playable on any MP3 player, an iPod, Zune, or anything else.

Over 12,000 music labels have agreed to participate in Amazon’s new music download store. This includes the world’s leading music publisher EMI, who recently agreed to DRM-free downloads with iTunes. Why go DRM free? Well, because that means not having to buy into one company’s policy. They’ve freed the music from being tied to one MP3 player.

Amazon has always claimed they want to be the most flexible and versatile shopping site for their customers. The e-mall gives you the opportunity to make purchases ranging from books and CDs to barbeque grills, and having so many options and great deals from the comfort of your own home is why Amazon has such a huge customer base. Amazon hopes these customers will start buying their digital music at Amazon instead of elsewhere, or well, by freeloading.

Will this Fortune 500 Company have another digital explosion set to go off in the months to come? Considering their history thus far I wouldn’t be surprised. Amazon’s official opening date for the music download store hasn’t been released yet, but promise it for this year.

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