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Okkervil River

Okkervil River Brings Us The Stage Names


By: Christy Mannering
Jagjaguwar is thrilled to release the new Okkervil River album The Stage Names on August 7th. It’s been two years since their last release Black Sheep Boy, and this is their fourth full length album to date. The last album was so good they put out an EP of b-sides only six months later! This newest release will surely be no different since it was again produced by Brian Beattie and mixed with Jim Eno of Spoon, except this time Cassidy has taken over for keyboardist Howard Draper who left to join Shearwater.

While touring for Black Sheep Boy, the band continued writing and preparing for yet another record. New material was written in small hotel rooms, late at night, after the crew returned from a performance. Perhaps the late night hours contributed to lyrical content of the new album; including philosophical themes on beauty, mortality and other melodramatic takes. Regardless of their approach, the production of the new album is executed beautifully.  Jagjaguwar said “The Stage Names is a cinemascopic take on the meaning of entertainment,” and is “artistically ambitious and refreshingly unpretentious.”

With The Stage Names coming out this summer we’re expecting a supporting tour, but at the moment only three gigs have been announced. One show has already passed as it was scheduled overseas in England on May 19th; the other two will be performed in New Hampshire and Washington this summer.

 MP3: Okkervil River


Okkervil River: The Stage Names Track List
01 Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
02 Unless It’s Kicks
03 A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
04 Savannah Smiles
05 Plus Ones
06 A Girl in Port
07 You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man
08 Title Track
09 John Allyn Smith Sails

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