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Liars Will Release Liars This Summer And That's The Straight Truth


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Liars are back and that's no lie. They're releasing an album aptly titled Liars in August and will feature more of, well, everything.

It's an album that will feature a bit of a new shift for the band in terms of style, and its direction is a surprise to everyone, including the band.

“I’d never felt like a songwriter ‘til this album,” explains Angus. “If you told me last year Liars would release a record like this, I would have laughed. If you said I’d be playing guitar solos, I’d have called you a liar. We never know what we’re making ‘til it’s made… this time I’m a bit shocked.”

The band spent 3 weeks in Berlin recording the album earlier this year. They supposedly threw theory out of the window in favor of the mare practical bent of traditional structure.

Liars will be the follow up to 2006's hugely successful release of Drum's Not Dead. It will be released on August 28th on Mute Records. It will be available on CD, white vinyl and download.

Liars Track List:
01 Plaster Casts Of Everything
02 Houseclouds
03 Leather Prowler
04 Sailing To Byzantium
05 What Would They Know
06 Cycle Time
07 Freak Out
08 Pure Unevil
09 Clear Island
10 The Dumb In The Rain
11 Protection

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