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Control The Movie

Joy Division Biopic Wins Multiple Awards At Cannes Film Festival


By: Spacelab Research Staff
So not only did the crowds at Cannes love the new Ian Curtis / Joy Division movie Control, but the festival gave it high marks as well, dropping the Best European Film award on it.

Awards include the CICAE Art & Essai prize for Best Film, Regards Jeunes award and Europa Cinemas Label prize for Best European Film.

"This is a very impressive and assured debut from a renowned photographer, but he never allows the look of the film, beautiful though it is, to detract from the powerful story and character development," said a representative of the Cannes jury. "The performances are all excellent, not just the leading characters. We feel that this is a film that will strike a real chord with audiences around Europe, and not just with music lovers."

The film has been blessed with an approval from New Order (the band members of Joy Division minus Ian Curtis) and tells the tale of Ian Curtis and his wife Deborah as the band rises to fame, only to see Curtis take his life by suicide.

The film was directed by Anton Corbijn, his first film as a director. He's well known as a photographer and music video director, with over 75 videos behind him already. The film is based on the book by Touching From A Distance, written by Ian's wife Deborah Curtis. The film stars Sam Riley (24 Hour Party People) as Ian Curtis and Samantha Morton (Minority Report, Code 46) as Deborah Curtis.


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