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Mick Harvey
   Photo: Sam Baker

Mick Harvey Deals Two of Diamonds


By: Christy Mannering
Mick Harvey is everywhere and doing everything. He is an arranger, producer, composer and multi-talented musician. On July 17th he will be releasing his latest album Two of Diamonds, in North America, courtesy of Mute Records. Taking time away from working with his co-founded band Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, this new record will be his second solo album. A European tour has been under way since April; currently there are not any dates scheduled in the US.

Harvey recorded most of Two of Diamonds live in his Grace Lane Studio and Atlantis Studios, in Melbourne Australia. He says adding Rosie Westcott on the double bass helped him achieve the sound he was going for. In addition to Westcott, the band on this album will include James Johnston (also part of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) and Thomas Wydler. There will be two guest artists Rob Ellis from P.J. Harvey's band and Julitha Ryan from Melbourne instrumental band Silver Ray.

Putting together solo albums allows Mick Harvey to notably reflect his inner feelings. The main goal with Two of Diamonds is to make it obvious to listeners how much passion was put into writing the music. Mute tells us that Harvey and his band have definitely succeeded in reaching their goal and the album “interoperates in his own distinctive and emotive style.”

Mick Harvey: Two Of Diamonds Track List:
01 Photograph
02 I Don't Want You On My Mind
03 Sad Dark Eyes
04 Here I Am
05 Blue Arrows
06 No Doubt
07 Everything Is Fixed
08 A Walk On The Wild Side
09 Little Star
10 Slow-Motion Movie Star
11 Out Of Time Man
12 Home Is Far From Here


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