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Robert Pollard Sneezes, Two Albums Come Out


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Robert Pollard is man that makes the word prolific seem lazy and uninspired. He's released more songs in his day than you can shake a stick at, between solo work and Guided By Voices. Now we get to add two more albums to that list, so better grab another stick for your other hand. There's more stick shaking to do with the announcement of To Coast Carpet Of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions, both due out this year.

One album is said to focus on catchy pop music and the other on dirty rock n roll. You can guess by the titles which one is which. Both albums will come out on the same day... October 9th via Merge Records.

How much would pay for all of that? Wait--there's more! Mr. Bob is starting his very own singles club called Happy Jack Rock Records Singles Club. You can't get a date through it, but you can get some good music that might get you a date when somebody hears what good musical taste you have. It starts in June straight from the man's web site, www.robertpollard.net .

Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love Track List
01 Our Gaze
02 Count Us In
03 Exactly What Words Mean
04 Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing)
05 Dumb Lady
06 Rud Fins
07 Customer’s Throat
08 Miles Under The Skin
09 Penumbra
10 Slow Hamilton
11 Looks Is What You Have
12 I Clap For Strangers
13 Life Of A Wife
14 Youth Leagues
15 When We Were Slaves
16 Nicely Now

Standard Gargoyle Decisions Track List
01 The Killers
02 Pill Gone Girl
03 Hero Blows the Revolution
04 Psycho-Inertia
05 Shadow Port
06 Lay Me Down
07 Butcher Man
08 Motion Sickness Ghosts
09 I In The World
10 Here Comes Garcia
11 The Island Lobby
12 Folded Claws
13 Feel Not Crushed
14 Accusations
15 Don’t Trust Anybody
16 Come Here Beautiful
17 Spider Eyes


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