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Imperial Teen

Imperial Teen Is Back, Better Than Ever


By: Christy Mannering
You just don’t remember that you loved them. But you will, because Imperial Teen is releasing a new album with Merge Records this fall 2007. Roddy Bottum (vocals/guitar), Will Schwartz (vocals/guitar), Jone Stebbins (bass) and Lynn Truell (drums) are back on the music scene after having taken a five-year hiatus. The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band will be the official come back after a few stints at the SXSW Showcase this past March.

This record will be just as overflowing with their effervescent pop energy as ever.  With a technique similar to that of “The National,” “Imperial Teen” is known for sharing vocals and instruments’ throughout their sets; each person just as talented as the next. Their last full length release On was produced by Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker, those collaborators remain in tact for the new album.

With pop-rock material that successfully makes lyrics like “I'm gonna be the bride for the 100th time, Faded beauty eyes with some worry lines” (from On’s single “Ivanka”) sound as sweet as honey tastes. Merge Records assures us that The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band is a “career defining album for sure.” 

The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band Track List:
1. Everything
2. Do It Better
3. Shim Sham
4. Baby And The Band
5. One Two
6. Room With A View
7. It's Now
8. Fallen Idol
9. Sweet Potato
10. Everyone Wants To Know
11. 21st Century
12. What You Do

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