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Blur's Dave Rowntree: Don't Call It A Comeback


By: Spacelab Research Staff
At this point, it's officially unofficial--Blur are heading back in the studio in October but not committing to a new album. They're taking their usual we'll see how the magic goes approach, and try to force the music. As for a reunion, drummer Dave Rowntree told The Independent that there's no such thing as a Blur reunion because the band never really broke up.

"We have never split up. That tends to be the way albums start. That's how the last one started. We get together and either we say 'it's not the right time' or we say 'brilliant'. We don't want to pre-judge the issue right now."

"We will spend one week recording and see what happens. We're dipping our toes in the water. We have not made any decision but we'll see how we feel and if the spark is there."

Bass player Alex James said: "I do sincerely hope so but there's no point doing it unless all of us want to because that was what was so good about it. I'm hoping that it'll happen but there's nothing set in stone."

The last album that Blur released was 2003's Think Tank. The members have gone on to become a farmer and writer (Alex James), a continuing musician (Damon Albarn), a solo artist (Graham Coxon), and a politician (Dave Rowntree).

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