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Broken Social Scene

Adding To The Broken Social Scene Fragments


By: Christy Mannering
Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene will release a new solo album called Spirit If.. on September 18th courtesy of Arts&Crafts. Drew produced the album with Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin and members of Broken Social Scene. The record has been in the works over the past two years and was recorded at Benchetrit’s place. Arts&Crafts say; “The record unfolds like an emotional comic book.” The album will be the first in a series of albums called “Broken Social Scene Presents…”

Though the core members of Broken Social Scene are Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, there are a myriad of other musicians that contribute to the group. Andrew Whiteman, Jason Collett, Emily Haines and Leslie Feist add lyrical content and vocals from time-to-time.  Over time Broken Social Scene added contributions from James Shaw, Evan Cranley, Justin Peroff, John Crossingham and Amy Millan, as well. So news of the band starting a Broken Social Scene Presents… series is not surprising. The series will allow all the artists to create solo pieces. Kevin Drew is the first artist to be highlighted and the album will be called Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, "Spirit If...”The next album in this series will be by Brendan Canning and will release some time in 2008.

In addition to allowing band members the opportunity to put out solo albums under the Broken Social Scene name, this also means more tours. The band plans to tour in support of the Broken Social Scene Presents… series. During the tour, members will feature select songs from Drew’s solo album and others from the series. Though dates have not been set, the plan is to start touring this fall.


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