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Caribou Talk New Album, Give MP3 Love


By: Spacelab Research Staff
After that whole incredible Milk Of Human Kindness thing in 2005, Caribou played lots of shows, got lots of respect, and wrote lots of new songs. Now there's new music set for release this August on City Slang in Europe and Merge Records in the US.

“Basically all the songs that I really love are ‘lump in your throat’ pop songs. I still can’t really listen to ‘This Will Be Our Year’ by The Zombies because it turns me into a big cry-baby. But it’s all about trying to recreate that feeling. Music either has that effect or it’s bullshit I’ve decided in the last year. So I wanted no bullshit on this album. Turned out that was incredibly hard, but I wanted every track and every part of every track to come as close to that emotional precipice as I could possibly manage,” said Dan Snaith when speaking about the album.

Andorra will be released on August 17th in Europe and August 18th in the US. You can check out the new track Melody Day courtesy of City Slang. Caribou is back and better than ever.

Andorra will sound more like a full band album, thanks to Dan's touring for the last album, The Milk Of Human Kindness, which included Peter Mitton and Ryan Smith.

Caribou is the vehicle of electronic experimentalist Dan Snaith. After creating music under the name Manitoba, Dan was served legal notice by Dick Manitoba's private investigator thug to change names or see him in court. Although Dan thinks he could have won, he decided to take the path of least resistance and change the name of the project to Caribou.

 MP3: Caribou

 Review: Caribou

Caribou: Andorra Track List:
01 Melody Day
02 Sandy
03 After Hours
04 She's The One
05 Desiree
06 Eli
07 Sundialing
08 Irene
09 Niobe


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