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Happy Mondays Return For A New Album Of New Material


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Happy Mondays news on Tuesday leads to a happy week. You should be happy, because the band that once provided the soundtrack to your weekend life is now making its way back into your life with the upcoming release of a new album titled Unkle Dysfunktional.

The Happy Mondays were one of theose Madchester bands that came out the Manchester scene in the nineties as one of the most prominenparts of that scene, and one of the quickest to self-destruct. They released a handful of albums in a seven year existence that was influenced by rave, alternative, club and other Manchester sounds.

The Happy Mondays wil release their newly vaunted reformation under the name Unkle Dysfunctional on July 2nd on Sequel Records, an imprint of Sanctuary Records. Original members Shaun Ryder, Bez and Gaz Whelan will be part of this incarnation of Happy Mondays.

This will be the first new material since Yes Please in 1992. The music was recorded last year and was produced by Sunny Levine.

Happy Mondays: Uncle Dysfunktional Track List
01 Jellybean
02 Angels And Whores
03 Deviants
04 Rats With Wings
05 Cuntry Disco
06 In The Blood
07 Anti Warhole On The Dancefloor
08 Rush Rush
09 Uncle Dysfunktional
10 Dr Dick
11 Weather


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