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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

A Double Whammy: Yeah Yeah Yeahs To Release EP and Film


By: Christy Mannering
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are putting out a new EP entitled Is Is and they had so much fun in the process of creating this album that they decided to throw in a live companion film. While still holding onto the branch of auditory goodness they swung into visual enhancement mode, adding a film to the EP that allows an almost social interaction with the band that we wouldn’t get otherwise. The combo will be available on July 24, 2007, courtesy of Fontana Interscope.

Five highly anticipated and rare songs (from 2004) will be on the new EP.  There are a plethora of formats in which you can get these tracks, including a double gatefold 7” vinyl, unless you’d like to go the high-tech route and get the digital EP via a special USB flash stick. Is Is may only have enough tracks to count on one hand, but it’s packed with the solid intensity the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are known for.

As for the film, it has been worked up by the brilliant minds of co-directors KK Barrett (Sofia Coppola films) and Lance Bangs (video director -- Sonic Youth, Nirvana and producer of Director's Cut series of DVDs -- Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham). It will include two versions of their song “Down Boy” and was recorded on May 7th when they performed at the Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Is Is Track List
Rocker to Swallow
Down Boy
Kiss Kiss


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