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Internet Radio Day Of Silence

Internet Radio Day Of Silence


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In the ongoing struggle between web radio broadcasters and the Copyright Royalty Board's proposed rate fees, a new development has emerged to show solidarity with the web radio community and its push for a more fair and balanced set of fees. It's called the Internet Radio Day Of Silence, and will happen on June 26th. All participating web radio stations (including Spacelab Radio) will NOT broadcast on June 26th in protest of the proposed fees.

If the fees don't change, they'll go into effect on July 15th and potentially wipe out a majority of web radio stations that can't afford the new fees. Save Net Radio has come together as a coalition to represent the interest of web radio in Congress and work with lawmakers to propose something more fair, namely the Internet Radio Equality Act.

The bill will prevent the CRB fees from going into effect, which would double the amount of royalty payments made by web radio stations between now and 2010, effectively pushing most stations out of business and clearing the field for a new breed of larger corporate interests. It also adds new provisions for non-commercial stations.

If passed, it would reverse the schedule for payment hikes approved by the Copyright Royalty Board on March 2nd in favor of a more balanced system of payment, that takes into account everyone involved--artists, labels, SoundExchange, Web radio, and the people who are listening.

"The illogical and unrealistic royalty rates set by the CRB have placed the future of an entire industry in jeopardy. This bill is a critical step to preserve this vibrant and growing medium, and to develop a truly level playing field where webcasters can compete with satellite radio," said Jake Ward of SaveNetRadio.


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