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August 20, 2007

This week's playlist is a combination of new and recent releases.

Handsome Furs - Can't Get Started
The latest video from the Handsome Furs off of their Plague Park release.

Numbers - New Life
The droning keyboards, the steady beats, the organized chaos in the form of pop music imitating chaos. From the release Now You Are This on Kill Rock Stars.

Earlimart - Fakey Fake
From Earlimart's new Mentor Tormentor. The song starts off the album and warms up with a slow build into momentum. Filled with classic lines of redemption like "So I was the fake and you were the fool..." READ MORE

Sunset Rubdown -
Up On your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days

The first single off of their upcoming album Random Spirit Lover, out in October on Jagjaguwar Records.. READ MORE

Flying - Minors
Described as "new-dream-out-jazz-pop-noise-folk," Flying brings all of that and more. Their video for Minors is an all-out art school happening of low-budget film and video techniques, but it fits together so well. From the album Faces Of The Night, out this Fall on Menlo Park Recordings.

Silje Nes
Recently signed to FatCat Records, Norwegian songwriter / experimentalist Silje Nes makes the music that fills your head when you're lost in thought. READ MORE


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