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Glenn Branca, Suno)))) and Françoiz Breut Added To ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Do you know how cool it is that Portishead is curating the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas? Portishead has such a bleeding, dark edge to the music they've done in the past that you have to wonder why they haven't curated ATP before.

The names that they're naming are really good too, like Aphex Twin, Black Mountain, Sparklehorse, Oneida, and more. Most recent additions are Glenn Branca, Suno)))) and Françoiz Breut.

This is the first time that Portishead will play new live material in almost 10 years.

"We have always loved the All Tomorrow's Parties set up and we're happy our first shows will be there. It's great to have the opportunity to introduce bands we love or have influenced us. We've chosen a diverse collection of artists to play with us and we're really looking forward to it," said the band on their MySpace page.

Check out the festival overview for a complete list of names.

 ATP Nightmare Before Christmas Festival Overview


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