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Black Dice Sign To Paw Tracks, Will Release New Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff

More experimental than Albert Einstein, Black Dice have signed to Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label to release their upcoming album. They've also rolled out a new MP3 of digital goodness from said album...

It's called Load Blown and will be released on October 23rd. There's talk of accessibility, the breakthrough word of any experimental band that wants to reach the people.

So have they gone soft and ambitious for wads of mainstream cash? Not bloddy likely. Check out the quote from the press release "this is a work of over-stimulation, a product of frenzied media culture, a sonic sifting of the gratuitous amount of “stuff” out there."

Check out the MP3 below for Kokomo and forget that the Beach Boys ever made a song of the same name:

 MP3: Black Dice


Black Dice - Load Blown Track List:
01 Kokomo
02 Roll Up
03 Gore
04 Bottom Feeder
05 Scavenger
06 Drool
07 Toka Toka
08 Cowboy Soundcheck
09 Bananas
10 Manoman


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